The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck CSB
Prevention, Health and Wellness Division
Partners with 14 Sheriff/Police Departments

Congratulations Gail on your invitation to present to this impressive group of professionals!!! Thank you for representing us, and Virginia!
The MP-NN Region is a large expansive, primarily rural region of 2,200 square miles, which is 300 square miles larger than the state of Delaware. Travel from one end to the other end of this region takes over two hours. Our service area includes; 14 SHERIFF/POLICE DEPARTMENTS,12 SCHOOL SYSTEMS, 10 DEPARTMENTS OF SOCIAL SERVICES, 10 COUNTY ADMINISTRATORS, 51 COUNTY SUPERVISORS and 10 CSB BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Collaborative community partnerships are the cornerstone of the strategies we implement, and the outcomes we achieve, in the MP-NN Prevention, Health and Wellness Division.
The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board’s (MP-NN CSB) Prevention, Health and Wellness Division, in partnership our regional coalition, the Coalition for Healthy Virginia Communities (CHVC), has successfully developed effective and productive collaborative partnerships with all 14 of the LEAs Sheriff Offices/Police Departments throughout the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Region (MP-NN). Since we historically have had a strong presence in all of 12 school districts through the provision of evidence-based school-based programming and student assistance counseling, we have established and sustained immensely close working relationships with School Resource Officers.
Law enforcement representatives are part of our regional Coalition and actively participate in our Opioid Misuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention Task Force Meetings. Law Enforcement Representatives serve on our panels at every Town Hall Meeting that we implement and provide the critically important local perspective on the Opioid Epidemic in their communities. Law Enforcement Representatives present at all of our Opioid Misuse Prevention Community Summits. We partner with Law Enforcement to plan and implement Opioid Misuse Prevention Events in each of our ten counties. Undercover officers regularly attend our large community Opioid Misuse Prevention Events, and present on the drug enforcement challenges they are experiencing throughout the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Region. We share our wide range of Opioid Misuse Prevention resources with LEAs throughout the MP-NN Region, including Medication Lock Boxes, Medication Safe Disposal Pouches, Pharmacy Rack Cards and Help Cards that we created in partnership with our LEAs. Our Coalition Community Coordinator reaches out on a regular basis to Law Enforcement Personnel throughout the MP-NN Region, and has established strong, positive, collaborative and productive working relationships.