Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST)

Good morning,

Please continue to send in your requests for SAPST trainings. There are certain areas that are in need of the training; however, we need at least 15 participants in order to hold a training.

Our next training will be in Richmond March or April 2018, and seats are limited. If you need a training, please let me know.

Thank you.



  1. Sheree,
    I have 2 staff who need the SAPST training, Kristen Martin and Michelle Morgan-Jackson. Please send me the information when available.

    David Dillon, Chesapeake IBH.

    • Hi David,

      I have added Kristen and Michelle to our list of participants. Please provide me with Michelle’s email addresses (I have Kristen’s) for information regarding the training and confirmation.

      Thank you.


    • Hi Linh,

      I have two slots reserved for your staff needing the training. Please provide me with email address for information and confirmation that will be sent later this week.



  2. Sheree,
    I have 3 staff who need the SAPST training. Please forward the training info. when it becomes available. Thanks so much!
    Kelly Bulin, ESCSB

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