I hope everyone is doing well and checking on each other…as they say even though we are Physically distancing, we can still be socially engaged virtually! I have been so excited about all the creative ideas you are doing virtually to keep Prevention going and our communities engaged and informed! I had a chance to share what Virginia is doing on our Regional NPN call and I wanted to share a little with you on what other states are doing: Tennessee- Creative strategies for Naloxone trainings  remotely and dispensing accessibility; Florida- Increased Virtual Parenting Support; South Carolina- local Prevention planning for National Prevention Week, the use of “Kahoot” educational information and providing prevention messages with drive through meal pick ups at schools and North Carolina- Social distancing messaging for Proper Disposal and Youth creating social media messages.  Other states were on the call and reported out but I had to leave the call for a mandatory DBHDS call.

Below are more resources than you probably need but I am sharing! Take care! Gail

A few general (free) resources that might be most helpful:


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  • Hi Gail, do you have more information on how Tennessee is conducting their Naloxone trainings remotely and dispensing accessibility? Is this something DBHDS would support our prevention teams doing remotely if we could?

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