SOR Year 2 Prevention proposals, due by COB on September 5, must include:

  1. Amount of funding requested for SOR Year 2 and a draft budget
  2. Any proposed changes or additions to your approved SOR Year 1 Logic Model
  3. A brief summary of SOR Year 1 activities completed/accomplishments
  4. A budget reflecting SOR Year 1 actual expenditures to date, anticipated expenditures through Sept. 30, 2019, and any anticipated unused funds. (At a minimum, the budget should include: date of expenditure, item, vendor and cost. Please clearly delineate “actual” versus “anticipated” expenditures.)

On a separate, but related, note— If OMNI has approved your CSB’s SOR Logic Model and Data Entry Plan, please catch up with your data entry for SOR activities!

Please post your questions below.

Thank you,

Jennifer Farinholt
OPT-R/SOR Prevention Coordinator
(804) 297-5448