SAMHSA’s Communities Talk is a biennial program designed to bring together communities and foster a discussion around underage drinking prevention. Many organizations use these events to either start a discussion or supplement the prevention work already being done.


Since 2019 is a Communities Talk cycle year, SAMHSA is providing $750 stipends to the first 1,000 organizations that register to host a 2019Communities Talk event. The stipends are meant to assist in planning and hosting the event in your community.


We do not require partners to host Communities Talk events. However, we would like to ask if you would be willing to promote Communities Talk events and the access of stipends to your constituents/affiliates. 


To help you do so, we have created sample content that you can use to promote the stipends. The attached PDF file contains sample social media messages, sample newsletter blurbs, and sample email copy that you can use verbatim or crib from to share with you staff, colleague, constituents, affiliates or just broadly on social media. I have also attached a few graphics that can be included with these messages.


Please use this content however you see most fit for your organization! The content can be found on the portal on “Documents page” located in the “SAMHSA’s Communities Talk” folder.