Hello Block Grant CSBs — As you know, we are approaching the deadline of July 15th to have all FY 2018-19 Block Grant activities entered into PBPS (that is, July 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2019 activity). There are a number of CSB’s that have 2018-19 Block Grant-funded Plan Channel cohorts and/or campaigns listed in PBPS with zero activities entered. This may be because you did not actually implement that strategy, or perhaps you have not yet entered activity.

Please review your Plan Channel to double check that you have entered one or more activities for all active cohorts and campaigns that you implemented in FY2018-19. If you did not implement any activity for a particular Block Grant cohort or campaign, and are certain the number of activities are ‘zero,’ you may delete it from the Plan Channel.

Please reach out to OMNISupport@omni.org for questions or clarification if you are uncertain how to proceed.

OMNI TA Support