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Frameworks will provide the Keynote Presentation on Wednesday and the other sessions will be offered on Thursday.  See descriptions below:


Framing as an Approach to Communication

A keynote presentation will introduce framing as an approach to evidence-based communications and outline common communications challenges faced by advocates and communicators in health and substance use related fields. The workshop will pay particular attention to framing challenges related to substance use prevention, and will offer insights into how to apply our findings to participants’ communications.


Presenter:         Mackenzie Price, PhD

FrameWorks Institute


Understanding ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences):  Building Self-Healing Communities

The ACEs presentation will focus on the following themes:  1.) Understand the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study background, research findings, and implications; 2.) Discuss how ACEs impact brain development and function as an adaptive response to environmental circumstances (why a child/youth acts the way they do); 3.) Understand the impact ACEs have had on your own lives (directly or indirectly) and your view of the world and others; 4.) Begin community conversations focused on thinking of ways to help children and youth, as well as support each other.


Presenter (s):    Colleen Hughes, Behavioral Health Wellness Consultant – DBHDS

Robert Keith Cartwright, Behavioral Health Wellness Consultant – DBHDS

Michael Olsen, Mental Health First Aid Program Coordinator – DBHDS

Katharine Hunter,


Counter Tools – Setting an Agenda for Healthy Retail by Merging Streams of Data, Educating Communities, and Looking Ahead

Counter Tools staff will lead CSBs in a discussion of data collected to date using the Store Audit Center© and how that data can be analyzed and displayed for community education using the Virginia Store Mapper©. Additionally, we will preview the improved software to be used in the upcoming 2-year data collection cycle.


Presenter:         Ian Atwood, MA

Project Director, Counter Tools


Shifting Prevention Approaches to Address Behavioral Health Disparities

This session will provide information on factors that contribute to behavioral health disparities and will provide recommendations and an opportunity for participants to use a simple tool to enable project planners to better select and implement strategies to address disparity gaps. Insights will be shared from collaboration with the nine local Partnership for Success Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions in Virginia who have used these resources to strengthen their strategies towards reducing substance abuse disparities.


Presenter:         Erima Fobbs, MPH, CPH

Collective Health Impact, LLC


Lock and Talk Virginia:  A Community Suicide Prevention Program for ALL Virginia

The Lock and Talk Presentation will discuss how Lock and Talk Virginia was developed for expansion across the state.  The presentation will include the following:  1.) Three elements of a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention in any community; 2.) Understand why lethal means safety is an essential component of a comprehensive community suicide prevention plan; 3.) Discuss ways to mobilize coalitions to achieve goals of an environmental suicide prevention strategy.


Presenter:         Rebecca Textor, CPS

DBHDS Region 1 Suicide Prevention Coordinator


The Emergent Landscape of Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia

This session will provide a summary of impacts of marijuana legalization in Colorado and apply lessons learned for Virginia’s current marijuana landscape.  Participants will leave this session with a basic understanding of the consequences of marijuana legalization and use, as well as increased knowledge of effective strategies to use for marijuana prevention efforts in the community.  It is essential for prevention providers to be prepared for action before legalization occurs to ensure that risk factors around legalization are being mitigated and protective factors are being strengthened.


Presenter:         Rebecca Larson, MS, CPSII

OMNI Institute