Region Ten CSB and the Suicide Prevention Awareness Resource Council (SPARC) have been partnering with local media over the past two months to promote suicide prevention and local resources in our community. Along with Lock & Talk’s Rebecca Textor conducting a training for the media on Suicide Safe Messaging in June, the local radio and news stations have been reaching out to do stories on suicide prevention. 

This one-hour radio show covers everything from media coverage of suicides, common myths, warning signs and Lock & Talk Virginia resources: Wake-Up Call: Suicide Prevention

Following the highly publicized deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, news radio covered how media can impact suicide rates and what trainings are available locally to help community members learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental health and suicide.  NewsRadio WINA: How to Deal with Celebrity Suicides

A brief news story on Region Ten’s suicide prevention resources including Lock & Talk VA medication lock boxes and trigger locks, as well as training opportunities. NBC29: Organization in Albemarle County Offers Resources for Suicide Prevention