Archie Boone Jr.

My first Prevention Day encounter occurred in February 2019, at DC-Maryland’s Gaylord Resort. Crowds of specialists, practitioners, government officials and community advocates availed from across the country to witness a healthly blend of CADCA / SAMHSA programs and services.

Because PFS communities are well into the Implentation Phrase of our SPF model and approach, I was most interested in presenters that provided insight on the effectiveness of evidence based strategies. In order to ensure sustainability for Norfolk’s PFS strategies and activities, I sought out Prevention Day presenters that were epidemiologist or research scientists.

My greatest take away stems from the response of a scientist who shared his studies on impact and effectiveness of a youth program in Florida. His claim was that with both parents and children who have experienced trauma, starting prevention education and awareness significantly curtailed the effects of trauma when compared with families who had not received therapeutics services.

The following weeks, I went on to enroll and complete ACE Interface Masters Training in Richmond, Virginia, under the instruction of another renown epidemiologist, Dr. Robert Anda. The message of Prevention Day 2019 inspired change in my mind, and motivated me to drive new initiatives for Norfolk Communities.

To date, Prevention Services has arrived at several milestones within the City of Norfolk. Our biggest accomplishment has been training lay rescuers across community sectors. Professionals and agency partners have come to the CSB since 2016 to understand opioids and the administration of Naloxone. Until October 2018, our greatest challenge was sustaining effective community outreach to our target populations, youth ages 12-17; young adults, 18-24; adults,25; married women, 26-34; men and women, 45-54. As report by Adams Outdoor Master Dashboard on January 11,2019, Display Overview for Social Norms Commercial entitled, “Did You Know?” Clicks delivered were 1,292; impressions, 1,117,460; Click through rate or CTR, 0.12%; viewthroughs, O. The campaign delivered clicks on our webpage, with peak performances beginning to swell October 16,and increased respectively through November 21, 2018, where click rates where sustained around or until November 25,2019. Based on keyword search and geofencing tactics, the campaign delivered 216,413 impressions from September 28 – December 23, 2018.

In November 2018, Joe Baron, Norfolk’s Sheriff attended a REVIVE! training with all Board Members of Norfolk CSB. Media specialists gathered at the training to cover the story to Norfolk Residents. At the beginning of the training, I shared a seven-minute music video created in Norfolk neighborhoods to raise awareness on prescription drug misuse and abuse amongst teenagers. After the training, community leader organized to have utilize REVIVE Training to educate city department staff.

Since November, NCSB has trained 30 layrescuers, 290 sworn in sheriff deputies, 60 medical students are trained trainers, and I am now a master trainer for REVIVE! and ACE Interface. Next steps include, continuing REVIVE!  trainings and starting monthly trainer of trainers . ; expanding outreach to 4000 households in Norfolk’s St. Paul’s Corridor. Community Access is now available to 9 community sectors that were otherwise unreachable.

Our partners at EVMS Brocke Institute has established a 4 year service learning project that sustain the efforts of REVIVE! Training in Norfolk Communities until 2023. Where PFS ends, the City of Norfolk begins as community partners for change.

Peter Senge, MIT lecturer and systems scientist said, “The origin of the vision is much less important than the process whereby it comes to be shared. It is not truly a “shared vision” until it connects with the personal visions of people throughout the organization.” We have discovered that is true in Massachusetts, and also in Norfolk, Virginia.

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  • Archie – this is fantastic. Is the music video online for others to see? I believe our Youth Council would be very interested in seeing this creating messaging and informational tool. Thank you, Marla

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