Good Afternoon,

It was a pleasure to meet so many of you over the last few weeks at the PBPS on-site trainings. We have several ideas for enhancing the system as well as a few follow-up items that we will begin working on right away.

As promised, here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation.

Additionally, several CSBs expressed an interest in expanding their PBPS license to use the system to collect all prevention data.  We are happy to offer an additional license so that your CSB may collect and track all of your prevention outputs in one system.  An additional license is $1000/year and will allow you to add up to three additional funding sources, using the Block Grant data fields for data entry and reporting or Drug Free Communities data fields if you choose that as one of your funding sources.

To contact us to learn more about obtaining an additional license, please email

Thank You!


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  • A couple of our staff have had difficulty pulling up the powerpoint presentation, it will work sometimes and not others. Page 11 shows blank for me when i pull it up each time. any ideas?

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