DBHDS, Collaborative Planning Group Systems, Inc. and OMNI each play a role in assisting CSBs in entering accurate data into the Performance Based Prevention System (PBPS).  Recognizing that CSBs are not always clear on which organization should answer questions or TA requests, we are implementing a new process for submitting any questions or TA requests related to PBPS data entry and reporting.  CSBs have three options for submitting requests 1) create a ticket within the PBPS via the Help tab, 2) send an email to or 3) call 1.844.392.7474.  Each of these actions will create a “ticket,” and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate entity for a response.  When contacting support, please include as many details regarding your problem or question as possible, including screenshots, to allow our support team to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Please also include your phone number in case we need to call you.  Phone numbers are not always in your profile.


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