DBHDS has been working with CPG to realign the OPT-R data input to match the Block Grant fields rather than the Partnership for Success fields in order to allow for a wider range of allowable activities under OPT-R and to provide the state with more robust reporting.


For previously entered OPT-R activities,  CPG has made the appropriate adjustments in your accounts and converted these activities to align with the Block Grant fields.  These activities do not require attention.


For all future OPT-R activities, these are the changes you will see:


  1. Strategies in the strategy drop down will no longer be limited to PFS strategies.
  2. The Intervention, Service Type, Intervention Target and Location fields will no longer be required.
  3. CSAP Sub-Strategies which are required for BG reporting will also be required for OPT-R.


If you have questions regarding how to enter OPT-R activities, please contact your OMNI TA consultant.