Virginia has been selected to be 1 of  5 states to participate in a Johnson & Johnson Over the Counter (OTC) Drug Medication Safety Project! The goal is to engage and disseminate the materials to a vast audience on proper use of OTC medications. Research has shown that misuse and improper use of OTC meds have led to the use of illicit drugs in some instances. As a result, Johnson & Johnson has provided a toolbox of information and resources for dissemination to and for  specific targets are teachers, health professionals, community leaders and families. The resources are found at the following link:

Johnson & Johnson are using a tracking process to see how fully the resources are disseminated and we hope Virginia modes well in the process. Please forward the information to as many of the stakeholders as possible. If you would like to do more specific outreach, we have resources to help support that. Please let me know by April 11 via email if  there is interest participating in this effort beyond sending the links to stakeholders, i.e. coalition would like to do presentations, provide print materials, etc. to heighten community awareness of this issue.

In advance, thank you once again for Virginia’s efforts in creating thriving communities! Gail

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  • Just remembered that school folks are on Spring Break next week, so it may be hard to get a reply about desire for print materials by April 11th!

  • Exciting News! Chesterfield will share with our Instructional Specialist for Health and PE and our Child Safety Officers who do safety lessons in Elementary Schools.

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