The OPT-R grant period is coming to a close soon – on Tuesday, April 30th.  This means all OPT-R funding must be spent by the end of 4/30.


Please note: Materials and supplies, such as medication lock boxes, drug deactivation kits or brochures, can be purchased using OPT-R funding before 4/30 – even if they are distributed after 4/30 as part of a SOR-funded strategy.  These items and materials would only be counted in the PBPS data system under a SOR-funded strategy after distribution, and after you have your SOR data entry plan approved from OMNI.


Also, as a reminder, all OPT-R data needs to be entered into PBPS no later than the end of business on Wednesday, May 15th.  That is about a month away, and will sneak up on us soon!  Please reach out to OMNI if you have any questions about entering your OPT-R data.