Bi-Weekly Reports are due on the following dates:

October 16th

October 30th

November 13th

November 27th

December 11th

December 25th

As you may know, the STR is a fast moving program with close monitoring from Congress. In light of the demand for grant program progress information and regular status updates, management is requesting us to provide bi-weekly prevention opioid status reports.  Until this data is being entered into the new database, starting on Monday October 16th, reports will be due every other week by cob.  We are requesting that all OPT-R Grantees please provide us with the following information bi-weekly:

Please provide any specific prevention activities and relevant numbers for participation and/or distribution as applicable. (Note: this information highlighted in yellow will be collected directly from the PBPS once everyone has entered their OPT-R data.)

You can also share:

* Any training requested and/or received.
* Significant meetings, policies, practices or procedures planed, developed or implemented.


*Workforce development/Capacity Building Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) As applicable, indicate any T/TA requested and or received.

*Challenges: As applicable, discuss STR prevention related challenges that you would like to highlight.

*Success Stories: As available, discuss STR prevention related success stories that you would like to highlight.

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit your report to let you know that it has been submitted successfully. 

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  • Just wanting to clarify, instead of having a progress report due tomorrow, it is now due on the 16th? Thanks

    • That is correct! Gail received an email letting her know that the reports are now bi-weekly so we are passing this information on to you all.

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