Now that the OPT-R spending and activity periods have ended, please prepare a closeout report including the five items listed below.  To minimize your reporting burden, use the format that is most convenient for you to complete this report (Excel spreadsheet, Word doc with table and/or narrative, an update of your logic model, the bones from a previous report, etc.).

OPT-R Closeout Report

  1. A list of your OPT-R actual expenditures for the grant year that just ended (May 1, 2018 –April 30, 2019) with: a.) date of expenditure, b.) item, c.) vendor and d.) cost.
  2. A list or narrative of OPT-R accomplishments/successes. (We’ll pull numbers from the Performance Based Prevention System but that information doesn’t tell the whole story. Take this opportunity to highlight the hard work completed during the OPT-R funding period [both years]. Please don’t hold back!)

    For media campaigns, include samples and all analytics. (SAMHSA measures “# of media campaign viewers.”)

# of REVIVE/Naloxone trainings; # trained

# of Permanent Rx Drop Box locations in your catchment area

  1. What barriers/challenges did you encounter? Were you able to overcome the problem or do you anticipate this will be a continuing issue?
  2. For community coalitions, list: a.) name of coalition, b.) contact person name and coalition title, c.) address/phone/email. (Include all coalitions that addressed opioid prevention in any way.)
  3. What support do you need from OMNI this year to be successful?

I look forward to receiving your questions and updates!

Many thanks,

Jennifer Farinholt
OPT-R/SOR Prevention Coordinator

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Office of Behavioral Health Wellness
1220 Bank Street, 10th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Cell (804) 297-5448