Greetings OPT-R and SOR Prevention Grantees!

Please plan for these upcoming dates:

March 15: SOR Year 1 funding sent in CSB Payment/Warrant 18
April 1: Target date for SOR funding to be added as an option for strategies entered in PBPS
April 30: Deadline to spend all OPT-R Prevention funds
May 15:  Deadline to enter OPT-R activities in the PBPS
May 27: OPT-R Final report due (I will send a template for this report at least three weeks prior to due date.)
September 30: Deadline to spend Year 1 SOR Prevention funds

SOR Prevention funding may only be used for expenses related to strategies listed in the guidance document titled “Final EBWG Prescription Drug Strategies” in this Portal folder. SOR funding should be used to build upon strategies identified/started through OPT-R and PFS.

I’ll update you as I learn more. Please share your questions below in the Comments section.

Much appreciated,

Jennifer Farinholt
OPT-R/SOR Prevention Coordinator
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Office of Behavioral Health Wellness
1220 Bank Street, 10th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Cell (804) 297-5448