The Quest for Presence: Recovering Time in a World Addicted to Distraction

A mini-workshop series on spiritual health

Note. Registrants will receive a zoom video link. This workshop will be delivered online. Please make sure to provide your email and phone. Contact the organizer with questions

Each of us are on a quest to more fully show-up and be present to this happening life. Much of our current stress, burn-out, and fatigue, as well as health problems (including—most importantly—spiritual health) are due to a cultural and fundamental view of time as only “clock-time.” As a result, we are time-compressed, time-starved, and time-imprisoned. There is another way. It is informed by ancient wisdom, the new cosmology, brain science, and quantum mechanics. In this three-workshop series, you will learn a new language of time, one that brings us to wholeness and timelessness. Each session comes with handouts, mini-lecture, highly interactive exercises, and between-session assignments. Each session builds on the others so we recommend coming to all three.

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March 24: The Treasures (90 minutes). Learn the 16 treasures of this happening life that are available every moment. From spontaneity to optimism and preciousness to savoring, get in touch with how every day comes with uplifts that touch our soul and move us beyond the treadmill.

March 31: The Soulful Capacities (90 minutes). Behind every treasure is a deeper soulful capacity. In this session, participants self-assess four key capacities and discuss how to cultivate them in their daily lives: Acceptance, Presence, Flow, and Synchronicity. Each of these are innate, true, and whole and help us to make time our friend.

April 7: Your Attraction to the Path (90 minutes). Each of the four soulful capacities interact with deeper metaphysical forces that reside in every corner of the living universe. These are Form (gravity), Chaos (entropy), Time Shaping (cause-and-effect), and Nurturing Conditions (the emergent, the becoming). Every person is drawn or attracted to these forces at different points along their quest for presence. In this session, you will learn your “attraction” and how it influences you access to the treasures and how you interact with other important people in your life.

NOTE. Each session is $20. EventBrite adds fees. Sign up for all three at $50 and receive $10 off. Note Early Bird Discounts end March 22.


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