Norfolk Community Services Board and partners (Virginia Department of Health and Norfolk Substance Abuse Prevention Committee) are submitting Online Advertising  Summary Report for 4/16/18-6/2/18.

This campaign has over delivered in all aspects. While the national average for Click Through Rates is 0.08%, our campaign touts rates ranging from 0.10%-0.19%. The Campaign Tactics were Search & Keyword Contextual Targeting, Categorical Contextual Targeting, and Geo Fence Targeting. 674,777 impressions were delivered to Prevent Overdose Death-Sign Up for REVIVE! TRAINING banners . 1,161 clicks were made to the for REVIVE! Registration.  The number of participants trained will be reported after July 1, 2018.

NorfolkOPTR online report 4-16_6-24(1)
OPT-R Report 4.16.18-6.24.18