We are writing to share information about a new feature that has been added to the PBPS to aid you in data entry. Based on feedback from some CSBs, CPG added a new field called “Number of Implementations” that is available when you are registering a cohort in the Plan Channel. This field allows you to reduce data entry if you are implementing a cohort program with several different groups during the same period.

The most common example of this is implementing a school-based curriculum in several classrooms and/or schools. Instead of creating a separate cohort for each group you are implementing with (e.g., Life Skills Training for Ms. Jones’ 9th Grade Class; Life Skills Training for Ms. Smith’s 9th Grade Class; etc.), you can now make one cohort for “Life Skills Training” and use the number of implementations field to designate how many different groups you are implementing with.

Please note these restrictions related to the new field:

  • You can only use the field if the number of implementations (i.e., number of different groups) is 5 or more. If you are implementing a cohort program with fewer than 5 groups, you still need to enter each group as a separate cohort.
  • This field can only be used if all groups are on the same timeline (e.g., everyone is doing a 10-week curriculum over the same 10 weeks from September to December).
  • You should contact OMNI Support to confirm details before using this field.

If you have programs for which this new field is applicable, please contact us so we can provide further guidance. Note that you can use this field for data that has already been entered or for data that you will be entering in the future.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


OMNI TA Support