New Data System (Colaborative Planning Group) License purchases

  • If you are either a PFS or Opt-R grantee, please make sure you have contacted Keri-Lyn Coleman @ 240-731-1889 or to get the ball rolling as soon as possible!!!!
  • If you have already purchased your license, Thank you! and stay connected to the portal for further instructions. 
  • If you are one of the 5 CSBs who does not have either grant, please stay connected to the portal for further instructions on when the money will be released for you purchase your license. 
  • Please click on the logo at the top if you want to get more information about Collaborative Planning Group.
  • Thank you all for your patience!



  1. I’ve actually tried to email Ms. Coleman at least twice within the past couple days; received a similar error message that the domain does not exist (or something like that). Called her and left a VM message earlier today.

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