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I am in Indianapolis, Indiana at the annual NASADAD meeting. Fran Harding, CSAP Director, and her Deputy held a roundtable this afternoon to discuss several issues: Grant Carryovers and No-Cost Extensions ( a state level issue), maintaining primary prevention while addressing the opioid crisis (we will always do primary but we must do the whole continuum and address the indicated population) and last but definitely not least, the FY18 budget released yesterday by the White House.

The good news is that the SABG was recommended to maintain level funding which includes treatment and prevention. Yay!

The bad news is that CSAP will take a $73 million decrease and completely eliminate Partnership for Success starting FY18. Note: The budget still has to go to Congress. Some Congressman on both sides say that it will be dead on arrival. Additionally, it will be a miracle if a final budget is passed by October 1 and we may have to go under a CR (Continuing Resolution where budgets stay the same until a budget is agreed upon).

What is important to remember is that initially ONDCP was cut by 75% and Drug Free Communities was eliminated. Both have now been completely reinstated!!!! How did that happen????? I cannot instruct you what do, but movements do make a difference!

NASADAD reported that the SABG was reauthorized through 2022. The NASADAD Policy staff and key stakeholders worked hard to garner support on Capital Hill for this! NASADAD Leadership said, “The spotlight is on us. It’s production time!”.

Wow….I am glad to be here to hear it for myself, directly from SAMHSA and CSAP leadership. We will hear from Kana Enomoto, SAMHSA Deputy Asst Secretary tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

On another ad lighter note, I was elected Vice-President of External Affairs for the NPN Organization at our NPN meeting this morning. My role will be to maintain and create relationships with National organizations in prevention like CADCA, SDR, etc. Another opportunity to give Virginia a front row seat and finger on the pulse of the everchanging world of behavioral health wellness!

Have a great evening and stay WOKE! (Action talk!) Gail

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  • Congratulation on your selection as the VP. You will surely do an outstanding job. Freddie

  • Congrats on your VP selection 🙂

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