The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Region (MPNN) CSB’s Prevention, Health and Wellness Division, in collaboration with the MPNN Regional Coalition, the Coalition for Healthy Virginia Communities (CHVC), serve an expansive rural region of 2,200 square miles encompassing ten rural, and distinctly different communities. The MPNN Region covers from the Gloucester Point area directly over the Coleman Bridge on the York River all the way up to Colonial Beach on the Potomac. The MPNN Region is economically challenged, has limited public transportation and is a designated medically underserved area. To address the immense opioid misuse crisis in the MPNN Region, multiple strategies were implemented and several key collaborative partnerships formed through OPT-R Grant Award. In partnership with the Middle Peninsula Task Force, spear headed by Delegate Hodges, a pharmacist, the efforts of this group, in collaboration with the MPNN CSB/CHVC Opioid Misuse Awareness Task Force, have contributed significantly to the opioid misuse prevention initiatives in this region. Through our partnership with the VDH Three Rivers Health District Emergency Medical Corps, four Opioid Misuse Awareness town hall meetings/trainings were implemented in the MPNN Region with the highest opioid related death rates. This important partnership resulted in the implementation and promotion of REVIVE Trainings throughout the MPNN Region. Through this funding, the MPNN CSB/CHVC sponsored two Opioid Misuse Awareness Summits with Fred Wells Brason from Project Lazarus. Summits were offered in both the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck Region. Secretary Hazel attended and presented at both summits. Through a partnership with the largest high school in the MPNN Region, Gloucester High School, Heroin the Hardest Hit DVD is being shown multiple times on a daily basis on the local television channel. One of our most significant accomplishments is the development and implementation of the Speak with your Children about the Danger of Abuse Media Campaign. This campaign is being implemented throughout the expansive MPNN Region. The target population is parents. We developed parent packets prepared for parents who are calling our office for information and help when they see the buses/billboards. This campaign includes media promotion of this message on four Bay Transit Buses and the placement of billboards in 20 different sites throughout MPNN Region.