Happy New Year!

By now, you all should have received the new merchant education folders and posters.  If you have not, please let me know as soon as possible so I can contact the printer and get the tracking information.  We are still waiting on the counter mats.  I will have more information next week and will let you know when to expect them.


Many of you have asked what the requirement will be for the number of retailers completed given we have lost almost a year in this 2-year cycle.  It is a critical time for tobacco/nicotine control.  With the passage of Tobacco 21 on both a state and federal level and the alarming increase in our Retailer Violation Rate last year, we are encouraging each CSB to complete merchant education and store assessments with 100% of their retailers prior to June 30, 2020, if possible.  This is a great opportunity to involve your coalitions, as well as your youth.  As an incentive, for every CSB who completes education and assessments with all of the retailers in their catchment area, we will provide a to-be-determined monetary resource.  If you have any concerns with completing this, please reach out to me!


Many thanks for all of your patience through this and for all of the hard work that is to come!