There has been a lot of questions about how to report MHFA trainings/hours and Suicide prevention trainings/hours within the last couple months so hopefully this post will clarify how to report this information into ETO.

  • Only prevention staff hours and trainings should be entered into ETO.
  • If any MHFA or ASIST trainings are conducted by CSB staff that are not a part of the prevention team, those hours do not go into ETO.
  • Therefore, any MH clinical data or staff time spent on MHFA and Suicide Prevention will not be reported anywhere at this time.
  • Note: MH Financial Summary in CARS the expenses for MHFA and Suicide Prevention should be included on page AF-4 and the cost and service capacity for MHFA and Suicide Prevention on page AP-1 but the time that the clinical staff spent providing MHFA and Suicide Prevention will not be entered into ETO.

One Responses

  • Does this also apply when we partner with non CSB facilitators to provide MHFA trainings where we provide the materials, books, support and/or co-facilitation? Are their hours also NOT to be included?

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