Feelings of stress and anxiety have affected all corners of our daily life as we grapple with unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19, and try to imagine what life will look like in a post-pandemic world. Approximately half of adults say the pandemic is negatively impacting their mental health, but there are no psychiatrists in nearly 60% of counties in the United States. This year during Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s clear that caring for our emotional health and well-being more important than ever.
As a partner of the National Council for Behavioral Health, myStrength is excited to share with you this digital toolkit, offering expert mental wellness tips and evidence-based strategies to manage heightened stress, parenting challenges, social isolation, emotional wellness and more. To help spread mental health awareness and break down stigma among your organization and covered population, you’re welcome to share and distribute these tools with anyone who may benefit.
Join us on Thursday, May 28, for an interactive discussion on the current state of mental health now, and going forward post-pandemic. Experts from Kaiser Permanente, Livongo and What’s the Future, Health? will explore the science behind, and benefits of, digital self-care and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the context of the continuum of care.
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  • Scalable strategies to combat the negative impact of the coronavirus crisis on mental health.
  • Opportunities to force-multiply traditional care, while breaking down mental health stigma.
  • How the nation’s largest private integrated health care organization uses digital self-care tools to put evidence-based practices at their members’ fingertips.

Thought Leadership Spotlight
The paradigm shift towards virtual care is not exclusive to behavioral health.
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