Logic Model/Evaluation Planning Process

DBHDS has been working closely with OMNI throughout the Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning processes. We continue to collaborate with OMNI to establish effective processes as you all move into Logic Model and Measurement Plan Development. We recognize that throughout the next phases of the process, you may be asked by OMNI to make revisions to outcome statements or other pieces that may change the content of your Action Plans. We ask that you accept the Technical Assistance offered by OMNI and know that any changes made will not affect the Approval Status of your Action Plans. These changes can be incorporated into the next iteration of Action Plans and will inform outcome monitoring, but will not impact your FY17-18 performance contract.

OMNI will be in communication with DBHDS over the course of the Logic Model process to ensure that any modifications to outcomes align with DBHDS expectations. OMNI’s recommended changes are intended to set you up to be successful both in terms of reporting and performance monitoring, and DBHDS has asked OMNI to provide this technical assistance to you.

On the next quarterly report you will be submitting to us, we will ask you to provide a narrative summary of modifications that have been made to your Action Plan as a result of Logic Model refinement.

Thank you for your continued hard work and commitment to prevention efforts in Virginia!

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