Chesterfield County is proud to share one of the outcomes of a Lead and Seed Training implemented at Thomas Dale High School in the Fall of 2018. Tenth grade students were identified to work on a community prevention project throughout the semester. Colleen Hughes and Prevention Specialists from Chesterfield County led the Lead and Seed Training with these students. At the conclusion of the training, the students identified Vape Products as the focus of their project. Billboards designed and created by these students will be displayed around Chesterfield County and on Interstate 95 this month. In addition, they created a PSA that is currently playing at the local movie theater, Regal Commonwealth 20, before every PG-13 and R-Rated movies. I have attached the link to the PSA here, or you can see it on the silver screen at Regal Commonwealth 20 during the months of February and March!

See PSA about Youth and Vaping here