ESCSB’s Prevention Office works very closely with local law enforcement through our coalition, Community Partners of the Eastern Shore.

At the request of the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force, we created two pocket pals. These are full of information and their size makes it easy to slip from the officer’s pocket to the pocket of the person who might need the information. These are distributed to law enforcement agencies on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

LEA members, especially those from the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force have joined our Prevention team at various Lock and Talk events. The officers express the need and importance of keeping medications and firearms locked away from those who might misuse them for substance abuse or possible suicide. We have also joined with the ES Drug Task Force to give Eastern Shore Law Enforcement REVIVE! Training and helped with the purchase of Narcan for those officers.

ESCSB Prevention also joins the Exmore Police Department every year to celebrate National Night Out.

The Prevention Office collaborated with Special Agent Scott Wade of the Virginia State Police and Captain Todd Wessells of the Accomack County Sheriff’s Department to create an Opioid Prevention Education PowerPoint program. This was presented to over 2000 middle and high school students and to community members.

At the April 2018 Eastern Shore Community Opioid Awareness Education event, the Superintendent of the Virginia State Police gave the Prevention director, Kelly Bulin, an award for her work with the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force.


The Eastern Shore Community Services Board Prevention Office collaborated with state police, state corrections officers and Virginia District 6 Senator Lynwood Lewis, Jr to develop Senate Bill #399 authorizing localities to create drug overdose fatality review teams. The bill was passed by the 2018 General Assembly. Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill into law at a ceremony during a community opioid prevention event at the Eastern Shore Community College in April 2018. As a result, the Eastern Shore Overdose Fatality Review Team was established, becoming the Commonwealth’s first established overdose fatality review team. The team meets quarterly to review overdose deaths. These reviews are to inform future prevention efforts such as changing ineffective policies, reducing service gaps and raising awareness to help reduce the number of overdose deaths on the Eastern Shore. State Senator Lynwood Lewis met with the team at their July 31, 2019 meeting to discuss those service gaps and other issues that have come from the team meetings. Senator Lewis is having two of these issues researched for the formation of two separate bills he will introduce and sponsor in the 2020 General Assembly. The agencies represented on the ES Fatality Review Team are The Eastern Shore Community Services Board, Eastern Shore Drug Task Force, Virginia State Police, Virginia Department of Corrections District 4 Probation and Parole, Accomack County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Accomack County Sheriff’s Department, Northampton County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Northampton County Sheriff’s Department, Eastern Shore Health District, Eastern Shore Rural Health, Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, Accomack County Department of Social Services, Northampton County Department of Social Services, Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission, Accomack County Public Schools, Northampton County Public Schools, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice 2A District Court Service Unit, and Dr. John Ogram, MD, Private Mental Health Provider. The team is co-chaired by the Eastern Shore Community Services Board and the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force/Virginia State Police.