Hello Prevention Directors and Staff,

As the end of the Block Grant program year is quickly approaching, we wanted to share some important dates and information regarding the PBPS data system.  There are several details and deadlines below, so please read through these carefully!

First, we want to acknowledge that there were a lot of changes throughout the year, including adjusting to a new data system and changes to how you were instructed to enter data as we learned the system better. We know that this caused some confusion and there was a learning curve to data entry. As a result, we are taking the following steps, in the hopes this will facilitate smoother data entry and reporting in the future:

  1. After the data entry deadline for this fiscal year, we will close and lock all OPT-R and BG entries for the 2017-18 fiscal year. OMNI will then audit and make edits to the data. We will work closely with CPG to ensure that these edits are reflected in the data system so that all reporting remains accurate for you. 
  2. For the new FY, everyone will re-enter campaigns and cohorts in the Plan Channel. We will be providing a master data entry plan that you may reference in addition to your individual CSB data entry plan. This will allow everyone to have a fresh start for the 2018-19 fiscal year with clear, consistent instructions, and will ensure that data is accurate in the PBPS going forward.

The information below outlines the specific steps that are upcoming related to data entry:

Fiscal Year 2017-18

  • All FY 17-18 data must be entered into the PBPS system by the close of business on Tuesday, July 17th for both Block Grant and OPT-R funded strategies.  You will not be able to enter FY17-18 data after July 17th.
  • While you are finishing data entry for this year, please make sure that you choose an accurate activity date. All activities should have a date of June 30, 2018 or earlier to be counted in the reports for FY 17-18.
  • If you think errors were made when recording data throughout the year, and are able to correct those errors, please do so by July 17th.  If you would like assistance, please reach out to the OMNI TA Team for support.
  • On Wednesday July 18th, all strategies, both cohorts and campaigns, in the system will be closed and you will no longer be able to record data for those closed 2017-18 cohorts and campaigns.
  • After this deadline, OMNI will be conducting the audit of the FY 17-18 data. We will communicate again with all CSB’s when the audit is complete and all data in the system is accurate. Until then, please know that information in reports may shift.

Fiscal Year 2018-19

  • Classifications for some strategies will be changing for 2018-19, so do not begin data entry for FY 18-19 until you receive your new data entry plan.  Once you receive your new data entry plan, you are welcome to start recording data for the fiscal year.
  • OMNI will distribute draft data entry plans for FY 18-19 on Wednesday, July 18th based on your FY17-18 data entry plans. 
  • After you receive this draft, we will work together to add or remove strategies to reflect changes to your work since we completed last year’s data entry plan. We will also work with you to capture all OPT-R strategies in the data entry plan since this is a new component of our TA work this fiscal year.
  • We will set up phone calls to review and finalize the FY 18-19 data entry plans to ensure that all active strategies are included for both Block Grant and OPT-R.  These calls are optional, but we encourage everyone to take advantage to ensure data is entered correctly from the start of the year.
  • More information about data entry plans and the TA available to ensure you are comfortable with data entry will be forthcoming.

We appreciate your patience and efforts this past year learning and utilizing the PBPS system, and always welcome feedback on how we can best support you with this aspect of your work. Please reach out to OMNI Support if you have any questions or concerns on the deadlines or upcoming tasks, or would like to talk through the details. 

One last note – as you may have guessed by the data entry details above, we are coming on board to provide TA for your OPT-R work. More information will be provided about how we’ll be supporting you and the timeline for that as we move through the summer.

Remember, all FY 17-18 data for Block Grant and OPT-R needs to be entered by close of business July 17th.  All open strategies for these funding streams will be closed on July 18th, so any data not entered by July 17th will not be counted.

Thank you,