Anyone? Anyone? I’m hoping to find Virginia (not national) numbers. Thanks for any assistance!

Friends and family members supply [what percent?] of all the opioids misused and abused by Virginians

In Virginia, only [what percent?] of the people with substance use disorder receives treatment they need.

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  • Hi Jamie,

    About a year ago, Gail posted an infographic that said about 50% of Virginians who abuse prescription drugs got them from friends and family. She might be able to track down the post.


  • Hi Jamie,

    I haven’t seen the stat about friends and family members supplying opioids at a state level. For your other question, you can find info about those who need but do not receive substance use disorder treatment (the opposite of what you’re asking, but maybe still helpful).

    Page 51 of this document has that stat for Virginia (broken out by age groups):

    Hope that helps!

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