There has been some questions about staff hours, I hope this clears up some confusion:

    1. All hours that are attached directly to an activity/event should be put in the implementation tab when entering activities. As you can see, its built to handle multiple staff member staff hours. Please do not enter separate activities for each staff member, that would result in duplication of data.  If you have administrative hours on the same day as the activity/event that your entering, you can include those hours in the total hours so you do not have to enter a separate entry under Building Capacity > csb development.
    2. All admin prevention related hours should be placed in the Build Capacity tab (For example, all prevention related meetings, preparation for events/activities, planning, etc):* Choose “csb development” and add a new activity.* Next, select the Problem Targeted, Funding Source (Please choose “Virginia Block Grant” if there is braided funding and the Block Grant is 1 of those braided funds), then choose “Administrative Staff Hours” for the Activity Type. Enter Staff hours.


If you have any further questions, please put all questions in the comments area below just in case someone else has the same question and everyone can get the same answer. Please do not reply to the email notification with a question. 

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  • I may already know the answer to this, but how exactly would you like us to enter staff hours for the database training and time spent back logging hours?

    • That will also go under CSB development as well.

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