Registering the cohort:

  • Cohorts are set up in the “Plan” Channel by any staff with administrative rights.
  • Each group/class needs to be entered into the PBPS as a cohort. If you are doing multiple classes in a school, each group/class still needs to be entered in the PBPS seperately. For example, If I am implementing the Too Good For Drugs strategy in Middle School A that will have 5 groups/classes and Middle School B that will have 5 groups/classes, I have to register all 10 groups/classes in the PBPS separately as it’s own cohort.
  • Demographics for each cohort should be obtained during the first session so that this data can be provided to whoever sets up the cohort. Staff will then have a chance to update the demographics of each group after the last session is entered. After staff has confirmed that the cohort has completed all required sessions, the cohort will be saved and locked from any first changes.
  • Please follow your Data Entry Plans when setting up your cohorts in the Plan channel.
  • How you name the cohorts is totally up to you. I would suggest being as specific as possible when naming them so that staff will know which cohort to select from the drop down list of registered cohorts.

Entering a session into the PBPS:

  • Once the cohort has been registered into the PBPS, staff are now ready to enter sessions in the Implement channel. Once you are on the Implement channel, click the “Add Activity” Button.
  • Select the date that the session was on, write a short description in the “Action Taken” field. Next you will select “Cohort” for your Entry Type.
  • A drop down box will appear with the list of registered cohorts. Select the cohort you are recording a session for and all other fields will pre-populate for you.
  • Each session for each group/class must be entered in the PBPS. Staff time for each session can be entered at this time as well. Please remember that staff time should include all time spent implementing the program for that particular group/class (travel time, set-up and clean-up time, etc.).

Staff Hours

  • Staff time and data entry should be kept up-to-date in the PBPS. If you can not enter hours on a daily basis, please enter on a weekly basis. We understand that schedules are tight but please do not wait no longer than a week to enter staff hours and activities.
  • Staff hours can be recorded in 2 different places in the PBPS, in the Implement channel or the Build Capacity channel. You should not be entering time in both places for the same staff hours.
  • If you rather enter all staff hours in the Build Capacity channel to make things a little bit less confusing, then that will be OK.
  • Can you lump staff hours together in the Build Capacity channel on a weekly basis? Yes, IF the funding source, CSAP strategy, and IOM are all the same. Also, please make sure that the date is within the time period you are entering time for. For example, for the week of Feb 11th, I implemented the Too Good for Drugs program Monday through Friday for a total of 20 hours. Also included in that 20 hours is travel time to and from the school and time spend preparing material for my sessions each day. My entry on Friday the 16th will look like the following:
  • If I have more time to enter, and its involving the development of our new Opioid Campaign, I can not lump it in with my TGFD entry. The campaign is environmental not education and the IOM is going to be universal indirect. I will have to create a separate entry for that time that I spend developing the campaign during that week.
  • Please follow your Data Entry plans when selecting the county, problem targeted, funding source, CSAP strategy and IOM. 
  • Counter Tools: If you are implementing a strategy that does not require you to enter an activity on a daily basis, for example the Counter Tools store verification, staff hours for the time spent driving and verify stores should be entered on a weekly basis in the Build Capacity channel. When you have completed the store verification process, 1 activity per locality should be entered in the Implement channel. You should not be entering an activity each time you go out verifying stores. If you only have 1 locality, then it will only require you to enter one activity.

Opt-R Reporting

I want to make you aware of a slight modification that is being made in the CPG data system to ensure accurate reporting of dually-funded OPT-R/Block Grant strategies. When you select OPT-R as your primary funding source and Block Grant as your secondary funding source in the Implement Channel, you will see an additional menu pop-up that shows Block Grant sub-strategies that correspond with the selected CSAP Strategy. We are requesting that all CSBs that are recording dually-funded OPT-R/Block Grant strategies select the appropriate Block Grant sub-strategy in that menu moving forward. The OMNI TA Team is working to revise data entry plans and make corrections in the system to already entered dually-funded OPT-R/BG strategies so you will not need to go back and make those edits. We are asking that you hold off on entering any of these dually-funded strategies until OMNI has made edits to already entered data and you have received your updated data entry plan from your TA.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but believe this system change is necessary to ensure accurate Block Grant Reporting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at

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  • Marfel,

    My REVIVE! Trainings for 2017 have all been entered under “Campaigns.” How should I correct this issue? Please advise.

    • These types of trainings are ok to enter under Campaigns.

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