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I just got off of a call where the DEA would like me to present at their National meeting on what Virginia is doing through their community coalitions with the DEA and/or local law enforcement. Virginia is the ONLY state to be asked and I want Virginia to shine.

Please post to the Portal anything you are doing with the DEA/Law enforcement for SUD prevention , please post by August 5 so I can send them my PowerPoint by August 9. In advance, thank you so much for all you do!!! Gail

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  • (My apologies…our server was down for days/no viable connectivity, so I’m just regaining access to the Internet and portal – I was therefore not able to respond by the requested date)

    District 19 CSB and local law enforcement entities for our nine (9)localities have partnered in various prevention efforts, primarily via involvement in our district-wide community coalition’s (CAAN-DUU) events and activities:

    Drug deactivation (disposal) packets and resource materials (to help promote our STOP the P.O.P. Abuse campaign) have been provided to local law enforcement agencies for the various Rx Drug Take Back events; during the most recent events held in two (2) of our PD19 service areas (Dinwiddie Co. and the City of Hopewell), approx. 150 paricipants received the kits and info. packets. Both localities reportedly collected approx. 300 lbs of meds (combined total). Our PD19 law enforcement partners have also joined D19 CSB and CAAN-DUU members in various presentations on the dangers of Rx drug and opioid misuse throughout some of our communities – we were able to hold our first Opioid and Rx Drug Town Hall Meeting in Hopewell, VA last April; panel members included local law enforcement officer(s) providing critical information on documented incidents, legal consequences and the overall social and emotional impact of Opioid, Heroin and Rx Drug use in the Tri-Cities communities.

  • We partner with local law enforcement mostly through our local coalitions and coalition initiatives. Here are the highlights of some ways we collaborate (narrative below):
    National Drug Take Backs – 2 per year in the Lexington and Buena Vista Areas (working with Buena Vista PD, Lexington PD and Rockridge County SO)
    Permanent Dropbox locations – 1 at Buena Vista Police Department and 1 at Rockbridge Count police Department (they also collect and report out on weights)
    Media Campaigns – Billboards (partnered with RCSO, LCPD and State police for a billboard targeting social hosting), Radio (live piece about Drug Take Backs), Newspaper (drop box locations as well as social hosting billboard image), facebook posts, etc.
    My Voice Makes a Difference – 1 RCSO was on the judge panel for the contest
    Project Sticker Shock – RCSO, BVPD help each year, LCPD have also helped in the past
    Trigger and Cable Locks and Disposal Pouches – RCSO and LCPD help distribute these at their facilities
    National Night Out – LCPD, BVPD, and RCSO all collaborate and host one event per year and the coalition actively supports this event
    Hidden in Plain Sight – RCSO (with School Resource Officers) lead this event whenever we have a request. The last one they hosted was at the Prevention Forum on July 31st.
    Topical Presentation – RCSO (with School Resource Officers) help with topical presentations throughout the year at the schools for students and/or parents. The Drug Task Force also presents at least once per year to the prevention coalition.
    Crisis Intervention Team – This is truly a collaborative effort between local law enforcement and local mental health entities in the area. They not only plan and lead the trainings for officers, they also have meetings throughout the year to keep the communication line open.
    REVIVE! – Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office has supported this initiative in the past by sending the Glasgow officer to the training and will be looking at hosting another training in the near future for most staff.
    CADCA Forum support – RCSO has sent their lieutenant to be an adult guide of the youth coalition members attending the Forum during the Forum in DC.

    The Rockbridge Area Community Services Prevention team collaborates with law enforcement through our local coalitions. The coalitions work closely with the local law enforcement officers in Lexington City, Rockbridge County and Buena Vista City to provide the National Drug Take Back events twice a year in the Lexington and Buena Vista areas. We also have partnered with our local law enforcement officers as well as the state police for various social media campaigns through outlets like billboards, radio, and newspapers. One of the most recent ads addressed a local condition in our area where adults are providing alcohol for youth by hosting underage parties. They also provide extra roving patrols during homecoming, prom and graduation to help keep the community safe. The Drug Task Force presents to the prevention coalition at one meeting each year and it is always the most attended meeting. The Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Department also leads the Hidden in Plain Sight event to help educate parents on signs of possible drug or alcohol usage. The Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office and the Buena Vista Police Department have permanent drug drop boxes open to the public. They also help to distribute trigger and cable locks at their facilities as well as disposal pouches. Our local law enforcement also team up to host the National Night Out event once a year and the coalition actively supports the event. We also call on our local law enforcement for help with topical presentations (this year we had the School Resource Officers help with the Juuling presentations both for students as well as parents). Our law enforcement officers also team up to plan and execute Crisis Intervention Team trainings as well as actively meet to collaborate and keep an open communication with local mental health entities as well. They are also an active partner on the local community coalition that focuses on needs assessment data for adults and well as access to services. They provide statistics to the coalition on medication disposal box weights as well as Drug Take Back weights. We will be working with the local sheriff’s office to get more individuals trained in REVIVE! trainings. They also help with each of the Project Sticker Shock events that we hold each year with the youth coalition. They have also provided an officer to attend the CADCA Forum as an adult chaperone with our youth coalition. Collaboration and support continue to be strong between Prevention staff and local law enforcement agencies. We are also fortunate to have an open dialog and collaboration between our prevention staff and law enforcement efforts.

  • Valley Community Services Board/The Greater Augusta Prevention Partners (GAPP) Coalition, work with local law enforcement (and in turn the DEA) to plan and facilitate National Rx Drug Take Back day, on a bi-annual basis. VCSB, GAPP, local law enforcement and other community partners work to hold an annual (may) Kids Matter Day in the City of Staunton. The event is a FREE FAMILY EVENT designed to inform parents and guardians about ways to keep kids safe from abuse and other dangers while their children enjoy age-appropriate activities. VCSB’s is working to schedule REVIVE! trainings for interested local law enforcement agencies, as an SOR strategy.

  • The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck CSB’s Prevention, Health and Wellness Division’s Collaborations with 14 Sheriff/Police Departments

    Congratulations Gail on your invitation to present to this impressive group of professionals!!!
    Thank you for representing us and Virginia!

    The Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board’s (MP-NN CSB) Prevention, Health and Wellness Division, in partnership with the regional coalition, the Coalition for Healthy Virginia Communities (CHVC), has successfully developed effective and productive collaborative partnerships with all 14 of the Sheriff Offices/Police Departments throughout the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Region (MP-NN). The MP-NN Region is an expansive, primarily rural region of 2,200 square miles, which is 300 square miles larger than the state of Delaware. Travel from one end to the other end of this region takes over two hours.
     Law enforcement representatives serve on this area’s regional Coalition and participate in Opioid Misuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention Task Force Meetings.
     We invite Law Enforcement Representatives to serve on our panels at every Town Hall Meeting that we implement in order to provide the local perspective on the Opioid Epidemic in their communities.
     We invite Law Enforcement Representatives to present at all of our Opioid Misuse Prevention Community Summits.
     We partner with Law Enforcement to plan and implement Opioid Misuse Prevention Events in all of our ten counties.
     Undercover officers regularly attend our large community Opioid Misuse Prevention Events, and present on the drug enforcement challenges they are experiencing throughout the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Region.
     We share all of our Opioid Misuse Prevention resources with Law Enforcement, including Medication Lock Boxes, Medication Safe Disposal Pouches, Pharmacy Rack Cards and Help Cards that we developed.
     Our Coalition Community Coordinator reaches out on a regular basis to Law Enforcement Personnel throughout the MP-NN Region, and has established strong, positive, collaborative and productive relationships.

  • Colonial Behavioral Health Community Service Board collaborates with the Chief of Police in Williamsburg and law enforcement officers from James City County and York County through the Historic Triangle Drug Prevention Coalition. The prevention department will be participating in this year’s National Night Out which will be taking place this year on August 6th in Williamsburg. Colonial Behavioral Health continues to share medication lock boxes and substance abuse treatment resource cards with all law enforcement officers within the catchment area.

  • Crossroads CSB Prevention Services has partnered with Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to place a permanent drug take back box at the Sheriff’s Office, a first for the county. There is also a permanent drug drop box in Nottoway County at the Blackstone Police Department and one in Prince Edward County at the Farmville Police Department. We provide community awareness of drug take back events through radio announcements, social media, newspaper ads and flyers. We also participate in Charlotte and Nottoway County’s National Night Out. Our substance abuse coalition (Piedmont Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (PAPSA) has a representative from Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. We partnered with the Cumberland Commonwealth Attorney and the Cumberland Sheriff’s Department to host a opiate awareness forum in Cumberland County. We have had a Nottoway County’s Drug Task Force Officer speak at a Opiate Forum in Nottoway County. We have partnered with Culpeper Police Department to host a Hidden In Plain Sight event in Charlotte Co. Crossroads CSB has a MOU with each county (Amelia, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, and Prince Edward) through our CIT unit and the prevention department has provided MHFA – Public Safety training to law enforcement in collaboration with our CIT unit. The prevention department at Crossroads CSB is consistently working to build a stronger relationship with law enforcement in our seven county catchment area.

  • Piedmont Community Services Prevention collaborates with law enforcement in all areas of the catchment area through our local coalitions. The coalitions work closely with the DEA and local law enforcement officers in Patrick County, Franklin County and Martinsville-Henry County (MHC) to provide the National Drug Take Back events twice a year in each catchment area. We provide community awareness of the events through billboards, radio and TV announcements, social media, newspaper ads and flyers. Patrick County and Martinsville-Henry County provide a take back site in each area and Franklin County provides two take back sites in their county. The Patrick County Sheriff’s Office, the Martinsville City Police Station, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Substation have permanent drug drop boxes open to the public five days a week. The Patrick County Sheriff’s office, Martinsville City Police Station and Franklin County Substation office locations were provided through PFS funding. Drug Free MHC and FRESH (Franklin County) Coalitions have law enforcement representation at monthly meetings, with a member of the Rocky Mount Police Department being the Chair of the FRESH coalition. The Opioid Task Force in Franklin County has law enforcement representation from both local agencies: the Rocky Mount Police Department as well as the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Drug Free MHC has representation from the City of Martinsville and Henry County law enforcement agencies at their meetings. The PFS and Drug Free MHC coalition coordinator Ann Gibson, FRESH coordinator Regina Clark and Prevention Director Bonnie Favero attend and support collaboration with law enforcement agencies at monthly meetings of the coalitions and task force. Through collaborative efforts of the Patrick County law enforcement, Patrick County Extension Agency and Piedmont Community Services, an Opioid Summit was provided to bring opioid awareness to the Patrick County community. At the Patrick County event, a law enforcement officer provided local statistics and highlighted how the community could be active to practice safe Rx storage and use. PCS provided ACEs training and REVIVE! training opportunities. Law enforcement from the Henry County Sheriff’s office and the Martinsville Police Department were trained through the REVIVE! trainings provided by Ann Gibson, PFS coordinator. Ann has provided REVIVE! trainings to new law enforcement and EMT officers at the Public Safety Department twice so far this year also. The Henry County Sheriff and Ann have provided opioid community awareness events at a local church and local community center this year. Local events such as National Night Out and Franklin County’s Community Easter Egg Hunt events are in collaboration with law enforcement and coalition members as well. Local law enforcement in Franklin County also partner to provide an annual Family Fun Day event and co-sponsor letters to parents before prom/graduation season to encourage safe, responsible actions during these celebrations in Franklin County. Members of the youth coalition in Franklin County volunteer as camp counselors for the Sheriff’s Office sponsored VA Rules summer camp each year, and youth in Franklin County, as well as Martinsville/Henry County, participate in the Virginia ABC sponsored Project Sticker Shock program each summer. Local law enforcement has consistently been involved and have included representation from a local ABC agent and both town/city and county law enforcement officers. Collaboration and support continue to be strong between Prevention staff and local law enforcement agencies in all three jurisdictions within the Piedmont Community Services catchment area. We are fortunate in our catchment area of Martinsville City, Patrick, Henry and Franklin Counties to have an open dialog and collaborative spirits between our prevention and law enforcement efforts.

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