The Regional Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (RASAP) working through Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services has been actively working with the City of Danville Police Department (DPD) on substance use prevention. RASAP and the DPD have developed a strong working relationship which benefits the coalition and police department; members of the DPD are an active part of the RASAP coalition. The Danville Police Department houses a permanent medication drobox provided by RASAP; the DPD is also responsible for disposing of the medications discarded within the drop-box. The City of Danville Police Department has also partnered with RASAP to host a Drug Take Back day in the past and assists with both the collection of medications and safe disposal.

[pictures: Spring 2019 Drug Take Back event]

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Danville Police Department hosted a Youth Police Academy Camp over the summer and invited RASAP to participate one day. At this event RASAP staff conducted various activities and simulations including marijuana education activities using goggles, drunk driving simulation educational activities using goggles, and a peer pressure scenario for youth to practice saying “no”. Additionally, RASAP was able to bring the golf cart so youth could experience a drunk driving simulation with the goggles while supervised.


Throughout the spring of 2019, RASAP focused on marijuana use education and prevention in Danville City. The campaign ended with a 90’s themed house party for the youth in Danville City at the Boys & Girls club. A corporal in the community & youth engagement division attended the party, interacted with the youth, and spoke regarding bullying and drug use. She was highly respected and her message was well received.