Hi All,

Counter Tools has identified some retailers that need additional information or could potentially be duplicate records. In an effort to improve the overall retailer list, please review the attached file for any retailers in your CSB. Data should only be entered in column J on the Potential Dups_Address Improve tab.  I have done my best to break them out by CSB, but please look at the CSB’s around you in case I’ve misplaced a retailer.  Loudoun and Northwestern, please look at your individual CSB listing as well as the one titled “Loudoun/Northwestern”.  Without a street address, I couldn’t identify which CSB the retailers were in.

These need to be rectified by April 2, 2018


The following instructions are also included in the file itself:


Do not delete or edit any data in Columns A through I. Only enter data in Column J
For all retailers with missing data, please provide the indicated information (name, address, street number)
For all retailers marked as potential duplicates, please mark each one as one of the following: Keep, Delete, Separate            
Keep – retailer record will remain unchanged                        
Delete – retailer record will be deleted                        
Separate – Both retailer records will be kept, unchanged. Use this coding if, for example, there is a Kroger grocery store and a Kroger fuel station at the same address and both sell tobacco.

As always, please contact me with any questions.