This is a reminder that all CSBs are required to implement Counter Tools as part of their Block Grant funded work. A CPG report showed that only 30% of CSBs have entered activities for Counter Tools. It is important to record an activity for each retailer visited to avoid entering tens to hundreds of Counter Tools activities in the upcoming busy summer months.

Here is a recap of how the Counter Tools strategy and activity is captured in PBPS:

First, all CSBs should have already set up one Counter Tools cohort in the PBPS Plan Channel. There should be 1 implementation selected for this cohort, with the target population being the entire catchment area. The number of sessions should be equal to the number of planned-for retailer visits.

Then, record one activity for EACH retailer visited in the Implement Channel. Please do not group multiple retailer visits into one activity even if they occurred on the same day – this will result in the activity being rejected. Each retailer visited will be captured as its own activity. However, you may group staff time into one activity on a given day.

We recommend Counter Tools activities to be entered soon to provide ample time for our TA team to review. If you have any questions on how to enter Counter Tools in the PBPS system, please reach out to

Thank you!