Collaborative Planning Group License addendum

Since DBHDS has increased the scope of data that will be collected in the Performance Based Prevention System to include Block Grant data.

Please provide some guidance on the most recent information and license addendum that we received. There are additional costs involved and renewal fees mentioned. I can’t answer the questions I’m getting from my contracts department about the ongoing fees. Thanks!

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  1. We are just purchasing licenses for one year.
    It is one set fee for the licenses. Depending on how many grants you have (BG, OPT-R, PFS) will determine how much you will have to pay. If you have just one grant then it will be 2500, 2 grants will be 3500, and 3 grants will be 4500. Depending on how early you purchased your first license, you may receive a second invoice for the addition licenses that you need. If you are just now contacting CPG for your license then you will receive one invoice with all of the licenses detailed on it with the costs for each.

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