Hanover CSB is creating a multi-level career ladder for our prevention department.  If you have something similar and can share your wisdom, please email!  Thanks


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  • I found the session at NPN but it didn’t have PowerPoint.

    5G. A process for expanding the breadth of prevention workforce development opportunities
    • Emily Bhargava, Technical Assistance Provider, EDC
    • Lauren Gilman
    • Sandra Del Sesto, M.Ed., CPSS

    Massachusetts is proactive in its prevention workforce development. The Commonwealth has developed a coordinated continuum of professional development opportunities to meet the needs of prevention professionals at all stages of their careers and bring new professionals into the field. We will present Massachusetts’ process and findings, and participants will explore the potential applicability of the continuum to their own states.
    • Topic: Prevention Workforce Development
    • Level: Intermediate

  • We are exploring this too. There was a GREAT session last year at NPN on this subject. We would be interested as well.

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