CADCA provided Prevention as a “whole.”  I gained a lot of knowledge for community events, information and free pamphlets from exhibitors.  The break out sessions were very informative.  I learned ways to grow our Coalition here in our county.  I defiantly want to get more youth involved!  I also want to start implementing Lock Boxes for our clients here at our CSB to all that will use them and have certain medicines to be locked up to prevent other hands from getting into it.  I enjoyed the conference.  I liked seeing the different educational materials and having the break out sessions to learn various ideas on promoting prevention.  The highlight of the conference was listening to the Surgeon General speak.  I liked his energy and his story is so relatable.  Enjoyed seeing all the youth that attended and was involved!  Also, the debate on Capitol Hill Day.  I thought that was very informative and enjoyed hearing their different perspectives.