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Would You Notice If It Was Gone?
Cough medicine misuse is rarely talked about, but that is because it is readily available and accessible in most home medicine cabinets. Would you notice is if went missing? Get educated, become aware and help spread the message of medicine safety and proper disposal!

To those doing just that, keep up the great work! We need your help to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine misuse. As you know, October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month (NMAAM) and we’re now into Week 3! 

As Week 3 begins, let us know what you are doing to keep the momentum going. Thank you to all of our coalitions for your participation and commitment to NMAAM and we want to keep the momentum going! Tell us how you are helping raise awareness about the dangers of Rx and OTC medicine misuse in your communities!



We ask that coalitions participate in the Dose of Prevention Challenge for a chance to win $1,500, a full scholarship to CADCA’s 2020 National Leadership Forum and more.


To qualify, your coalition must implement one of the below activities. However, implementing more than one activity will increase your chance to win! *Please provide us with metrics on how impactful your activities were – help us get the word out! 

  • Host an educational event (e.g., a town hall meeting or a community breakfast)
  • Implement an integrated marketing and communications campaign (e.g., the campaign could include media outreach, PSA placements, ad buys, social media activity, etc.)
  • Hold an innovative contest (e.g., a middle school essay contest that encourages youth to write about why they are inspired to live drug free)