Melissa Scribner, the Prevention Specialist of Substance Abuse Free Environment, Chesterfield County attended the 2019 CADCA Forum, finding great value in the experience and learned new strategies to improving the coalitions reach and sustainability:

“I work with youth a lot in my grant projects, so I decided to focus a lot of my attention on sessions involving youth drug issues, “drugs of initiation”, and engaging the youth population in coalition programs. The session I enjoyed the most was “Youth Engagement: Youth Engagement Matters”, presented by CADCA trainer, Yvonne Stroman. Yvonne spoke on youth recruitment, engagement, and retention to promote coalition sustainability and development. Successful CADCA Youth also spoke shortly in this session on how substance abuse coalition involvement empowered them in having a voice about drug abuse in their community and gave them the opportunity to gain leadership skills. The State Territory meeting was also a productive networking experience for the Virginia Coalitions that attended.”