Hello CSBs,

We are writing about the deadline for setting up Block Grant and OPT-R strategies for 2018-19 in the PBPS. All CSBs should have their Plan Channel set up and approved by October 31, 2018.

Many of you have already completed this process and are approved to enter data in the Implement Channel. For those of you who have not already completed these steps, you will be hearing from OMNI this week to check in on the status and ensure that you are able to move forward with meeting the October 31 deadline. As a reminder ,these are the steps in the process, and all three must be completed:

  1. Finalize your 2018-19 BG and OPT-R data entry plan with OMNI.
  2. Enter your cohorts and campaigns in the Plan Channel in PBPS.
  3. Receive approval from OMNI that everything was entered correctly in the Plan Channel.

Note that this applies to Block Grant and OPT-R strategies only (not PFS). 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the OMNI team for assistance.

Thank you!