This was my first time attending CADCA and I am really glad that I went. Attending the CADCA conference allowed me to really increase my knowledge on all the issues surrounding substance abuse not just in Virginia but around the country. I was very pleased to see so many youth members present at the conference and impressed with their roles in their coalition. One thing I would like to see our coalition do is recruit more youth. They know what is going on in the schools, with their peers and in the community when it comes to substance abuse. They can also help bring new ideas on what the coalition can do to help lower the high substance use rates in our community. I really enjoyed the coalition ideas fair along with all of the different workshops and presentations throughout the whole week. While I was at the fair I got to see and hear different strategies that can help grow and develop our own coalition. I am a person who loves learning new things so I was very excited to attend this conference. I really enjoyed my time there as a newcomer and I am looking forward to attending more conferences.